Wow, 2018. Where do I begin.
Do you ever get that feeling in your gut that you know something is yours for the taking, you just have to be ready to take it? That's what this photography business felt like for me and 2018 is the year that I was ready to own it.

2018 was a year of extreme growth. Difficult, but necessary growth. It's the year I decided to stop putting things on the back-burner, and the year I started focusing on what I want my life to look like in 10 years. And then I started implementing actions to make sure that my future looks the way I want it to, passionate, full of love, and full of growth.

In 2018, I grounded myself amongst other amazing local photographers here in Buffalo, NY. I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside photographers such as StudioViePhotography, Peter Heuer, Jackson Zimmerman, Sara Schmidle, AmandaLynn, and several others. Thank you to you all for building such a rock solid foundation for other creatives. I admire you all so much for what you have done so far.
In 2018, I also travelled to further my education, attending workshops and meeting like-minded professionals, sharing stories of setbacks and triumphs. 

Thinking back through 2018 brings me to actual tears. I feel SO blessed by all the couples who invested in me, people who chose to follow me, beautiful stories I photographed, ridiculously enchanting places I visited, and new incredible friends I met. I put together a compilation of all my personal favorite images and moments from 2018, and HOLY BATMAN, looking through all of these photos makes me more emotional than I can even express.

If 2018 was THAT good… what the HECK does 2019 even have in store? I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Wanna come on an adventure with me in 2019? Hit me up and let’s do the damn thing. ;)
2019 will be the best. year. yet.



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