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Listen, unless you're a Kardashian, I know how awkward it will feel to have a camera on you all day during any of our sessions!
my creative process begins as soon as we have our first consultation together. throughout it all, i want our communication to be crystal clear.
i want you to be unafraid to voice exactly what you're looking for, because this is your day.

here's the thing: i am going to provide honest truth. if somethings working, i am going to probably repetitively say "i am soooo excited" hahaha, but if somethings not working? guess what, i'm gonna fix it with suggestions i have from years of experience.
at the end of the day, trust is everything for me. your trust in me, creating a good relationship through open communication, that is what is going to give us the gold we are looking for.

this is likely your first go at planning a wedding/elopement. you are supposed to have questions and i know it can be stressful (but also really exciting, right?!)

i am super grateful and enamored by the couples who trust me as their photographer and in turn, i provide more than just photos at the end of the day.
i provide support.

from the beginning stages of planning, i can help you with everything from choosing vendors, venues, destinations, how to save $$$, how to get the most out of each moment, what to wear, what kind of room is best for getting ready photos, creating memories that matter with friends & family, etc.
i am there every step of the way, if you'll have me.

all i ever want is for my couples to be present in the moment and go through an experience with me.

while you're deciding on the center pieces, the flowers, the dresses, the seating and everything else, it's easy to get lost in all the details and forget that at the end of the day, this is the moment you and your significant other decided to become a family, officially. your photos of this moment are the only thing that will last past your wedding day. they are the only thing that will increase in value after the day is over, the only thing that can be passed down to your children, and grandchildren. your photos are a way of leaving your legacy.

i get so upset when i have couples come to me saying they wish they'd invested more into their photographer for their wedding day, because it's impossible to recreate that moment. so let's do it right the first time around and get immpecable results, yeah?

if traditional weddings are your jam, i'm there for it.
but if you'd rather get married in a treehouse in Sweden, i am alllll in.

I want my couples to live their day exactly how they want.

I like my couples a little wild and adventurous

Whatever you do, do it your way

i want the the couples who break tradition and do things that feel true to themselves.

you know what breaks my heart? when a couple tells me they don't even like cake as their cutting their wedding cake... listen, get a donut wall! or some churros if that's your jam!

you are putting all this time, energy and $$ into your wedding, and it should reflect you.
whether that means going backpacking and getting married on the edge of a cliff, taking a helicopter up to a gorgeous ice glacier in Alaska, or going bar hopping with your friends and family in ireland the night before the big day...
whatever it is that you want, don't talk yourself out of your dream wedding. and believe me when i say i will be there supporting you every step of the way. we will make it happen. this is your love story, and it matters.

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