often times brides will email me with "i know this might be a silly question but..."
stop right there.
here's the thing, it's not silly! you've likely never planned a wedding before! the biggest thing you've ever planned is a Bills tailgating bus! or maybe a group vacation! hahah but a wedding with 200 guests? or an elopement with just you and your partner in the mountains that you may have never been to before?
it can be unnerving. but that's what i'm here for.
here are the most frequently asked questions i get. read through and if you have more specific questions, for your day, include those in the contact form

What happens if it's raining/snowing?

I started photographing portraits and events back in 2009 (in the Myspace days.... I know). I photographed my first wedding when I was 22 and I am now 26

How many images do you include?

I believe in giving you as many images as I can of the day. I don't give cutoff numbers because these are your memories. I am there to capture your day as precisely and honestly as I can and I promise to deliver more than enough images to allow you to relive each moment.

How many weddings do you take per year?

This is totally dependent on the year. This year (2020) I am taking up to 25, which is on the higher end for me. That's because I have the time to focus on my artistic style this year, and I'd love to take advantage of the time I have

How long have you been a photographer?

In Buffalo, we're used to this kind of thing, so I always tell my couples to plan to make the best of the weather! Honestly some of my favorite photos are on cloudy days of right before/after a roaring storm, I'm also a huge fan of all the fluffy, white snowball photos. However, if the weather is bad enough, and we have the opportunity to reschedule, that is always an option.
For my larger weddings, I typically recommend my couples to look at indoor venues for their portrait sessions along with outdoor venues especially for this reason

Do you deliver RAW images?

I do not. Part of the passion I have for photography comes from being able to enhance the light and to add magic with professional editing. RAW images don't offer the same effect as a fully, edited gallery. But as I mentioned above, I promise to never leave out photos that you'll want to see or let you miss out on your memories.

Do you backup your photos?

YES x 5!! I back up your photos to 3 different hard drives. I also shoot on 2 different cards, just in case one fails! Anddd to top it off, I also have a cloud system that backs up my hard drives in case of any floods, fires, acts of God, warfare, etc, etc... honestly nothing gives me more anxiety than possibly losing your memories. So don't worry, I got it covered better than you could imagine..

What happens if you have to miss our wedding day?

First of all, the only circumstance this would occur under is there was something out of my control keeping me from being there (i.e emergency, illness, death, etc) but if this were to happen (knock on wood), I would give you the option of a full refund or a replacement photographer that I trust with similar style and I would likely still edit the final photos.

Your love is your legacy

so, ya ready?