an ode to real life love

There is so much more to storytelling than just taking beautiful photos. 
There’s a level of depth that needs to be understood first. 
The significance of the location, the people, the traditions. 
The time and intention that went into the design, the florals, the food. 
The carefully chosen outfits to match an aesthetic, a feeling, a moment. 
The anticipated emotions. 

I only take on a handful of weddings ever year because I don’t just want to show up and take photos.
I want to match the time and intention put into every aspect of your wedding, I want to go deeper.
I want to feel, to know, to understand - both during the event and while I carefully edit your timeless images - what matters to you.


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Love is like a chameleon...

Ever-changing colors, never boring, often challenging. It goes through seasons and, with the risk of sounding like a John Mayer song, changes life as we’ve grown to know it. Yours is something special. It’s fireworks and rain, stormy weather and sunshine all the same.

I don’t capture love as it should be. I capture love as it is, in all its beauty and imperfection. Expect me to tiptoe around like a ballerina (on Blundstones) and guide you into moments that feel familiar, never (ever) forced. There’s no standard formula, no magic tricks, no awkward poses, no right or wrong. Just pure, soul-nurturing, heart-warming love. And a lot of it.

Chelsea + Josh

Kiran they are stunning 😭 I’m honestly breathless. My memory of the day could not hold a candle to the way you have captured all our special moments. Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are to have all these special people in our lives, and most importantly how lucky we are to have each other. 

If I had to plan my wedding 100 times over I would keep choosing you as our photographer. You are an absolute master and have been such a doll in every single interaction we have shared. I am endlessly thankful for you and all the work you have put in to preserving our wedding day. 

Can’t wait for my grandchildren to look at these photos one day and see what a bad bitch their granny is!!! I love you so much. Thank you could hardly ever do my gratitude to you justice ❤️


Libby + Andrew


Of all the photos I saved over the past 24 months of being engaged, I’d have to say Kiran did a better job than any of them that I loved on Pinterest. 

Our photos truly turned out as one of the best parts of our wedding. From the planning the wedding to the big day. It was easy, friendly, kind and she was so helpful.
Kiran really made the process so easy that if all my friends were to get married I’d base it around Kiran’s availability. Her work is professional and absolutely top notch aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you, Kiran for the amazing work you did!

Corine + Davis

The BOLD VIBRANCY of these pictures is *exactly* what I envisioned. 

I was so afraid to get just another “boho, light & airy” photographer who mutes everything down, washes it out, and makes it neutral & lifeless. I’m obsessed with the LIFE and energy in these colors and these pics.

Kiran was also such a sweet person and went above and beyond on the wedding day - helping me get a stain out of my dress, coordinating all the things, and rolling with the punches with a fun, happy attitude. Thank you for being such a big part of our special day!

I posted 4 carousels on my IG bc I couldn’t limit myself to just 10 pics!"


Zaineb + Danial

Absolutely amazing experience working with Kiran! She is so friendly and organized, and gives particular attention to detail when working with larger groups to ensure all group photos are taken. It was such a pleasure working with her and absolutely can’t wait to print these pictures and enjoy them for the rest of our lives. Thank you for all your hard work! 


Amanda + Levi

I’ve spent the whole week trying to find a way to put how I feel in words 

The serotonin boost I get every time I see these photos, how teary I get when I think about how I genuinely feel so beautiful in each and every one of them, how beautifully all of my favorite people have been captured and I feel lost. Because there’s no way to describe the incredible gift you have given me, and how incredible your art is. I am so deeply thankfully we could work together and you are the most amazing person! 

I cant wait to print them all off and put them up around the home to enjoy for many years to come! 

Thank you Thank you Thank you 



Meet your photographer,


Almost a decade of documenting love stories around the world has shown me the many effortless, wild, and tangible layers of love.

Through my nostalgic and documentary-style imagery, I aim to capture those feelings just as you remember them. To transport you to that very moment; the tender in-betweens and you both moving as one because I believe it's so much more than a wedding or an event; it's a feeling.

International Wedding Photographer Based Out of New York,
Available Worldwide

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