I only take on a limited number of couples a year. That's because I truly want to give the couples that choose me, the experience they deserve. I am not everyones photographer. That's why I think it's important to get to know each other, build trust together and create magic.
I want the brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty or sneaking out of their reception for sunset photos.
I want the bride who's definitely gonna stuff her face with burgers, fries and a sundae at the end of the night.
Food trucks instead of a traditional dinner? HELL YES
Eloping in the mountains? I'm there in a heartbeat!
Getting married in a National Park? I'll bring extra bug spray and let's get our boots dirtyyy
A traditional 5 day Indian wedding from A-Z to with all 14 of your parents siblings? GIRL, YOU GOT IT.
I specialize in outdoor weddings and adventurous elopements because that's what calls to my heart the most, but honestly, I am so down for those traditional weddings because I know tradition (coming from a BIG tight-knit family with 38 first cousins over here hahah).
No matter where your adventure takes place, if after reading all this, I sound like the missing puzzle peice to complete your meaningful day, reach out, and let's get to work together.
I cannot wait to tell your unique story because I'm sure no one's ever quite shown it how we will.

my photography style is what might be familiar to you as documentary style. i am not about posing you in god-awful prom type poses. my goal for any session you and i go into, is to create an experience together and to capture it, exactly as honest as it is. ultimately, i want you two leaving the session remembering why you are so crazy in love with one another, and falling just a little more in love that day.
lets be honest, each couple has their struggles, the rough and the ugly, some worse than others. but what you fight for, that passionate bond that you know you'll never find again, that once-in-a-lifetime love, that's that shit that inspires me. that's what makes me most excited.

My philosophy

YOUR legacy is worthy of being told. Let me tell it.

let's pack up our bags,
feel the dirt under our feet,
feel grateful for every breath of clean are we get to breath,
& celebrate this exact moment and everything it took to get us here

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