Buffalo City Hall Wedding, European Style

When Libby and Andrew first reached out to me to photograph their wedding day, the number one most important thing to them was capturing images they could feel. Libby and Andrew wanted wedding photos at Buffalo City Hall that felt like home, which for them was in Europe, where they’d spent the past year falling madly in love. They hadn’t been in a relationship long before they knew without a doubt that this was the person they were going to marry. And then, they spontaneously eloped. It was the perfect beginning to their life together and I had the honor of capturing this little glimpse into their story.

Andrew was in Buffalo temporarily completing his residency, while Libby travelled back and forth from their more permanent home in New York City. Neither of them had the time off from work to celebrate their wedding back in Europe. What they really needed was photos of their wedding day to portray the happiness and joy they’d cultivated in this new chapter of their lives. These photos would be the only way to share their joy with family and friends back home.

They knew they wanted to say their personal vows together at the Buffalo, New York City Hall, followed by photos around Saint Joseph Cathedral, but the rest of the day was up for debate. So we started the day in true European fashion, strolling over to the city square. We roamed around downtown from there, embracing all of the sunshine we could find on this warm, July day.

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